To view a list of publications, click on a category link located to the right.

Depending on the category and availability, publications can be ordered in the following ways:

Compact Discs and Paper copies can be ordered on the Order Form located by using the link at the top of the category page. Mail or e-mail the form to Oxford Branch.
Shipping and handling charges are shown at the bottom of the Order Form.

Some of our Cemetery and Miscellaneous publications are available for immediate download from the Marketplace located on Ontario Ancestor’s site. Publications with this option are identified on the Cemetery and Miscellaneous listing pages and a link to the Marketplace is provided at the top of those pages.

The PPV option is available for some cemeteries. This option allows you to view a single headstone transcription and is available through T.O.N.I (The Ontario Name Index). Cemeteries with this option are identified on the Cemetery Transcription page and a link to T.O.N.I. is available at the top of the page. Directions for using T.O.N.I. are available on the search page.