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120Blandford Township, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2311-5, 2005, 18 pages.
121Blenheim Township, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2312-2, 2005, 46 pages.
122Dereham Township, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2313-9, 2005, 38 pages
123East Nissouri Township – An Index of Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2270-5, 2005, 32 pages
124East Oxford Township, An Index to the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2314-6, 2005, 22 pages
125East Zorra Township, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2315-3, 2005, 38 pages
126North & West Oxford Townships, Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2316-0, 2005, 35 pages
127North &South Norwich Townships, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Atlas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2317-7, 2005, 53 pages
128West Zorra Township, An Index of the Landholders, 1876 (Historical Altas)
ISBN 978-0-7779-2318-4, 2005, 35 pages
129Index of Tremaine’s Map of Oxford County, Upper Canada – 1857
An index to the names and features found on the 1857 Tremaine Map of Oxford County.  Includes an index of landholders sorted by surname, an index of individuals on town inserts sorted by surname and  indexes of names, professions and residences of the subscribers  for the Oxford County map, sorted by surname and by profession.
ISBN 978-0-7779-2343-6, 2007, 94 pages
130Crown Land Register for Oxford County
ISBN 978-0-7779-3523-1, 2008, 100 pages
132Burial Register, St. James Anglican Church, Ingersoll
1980, 60 pages
148London District Marriages 1800 – 1853
Oxford County entries
ISBN 978-0-7770-2280-4, 1980, 32 pages
149Pre Registration Marriages 1854 – 1870
from the Ingersoll Chronicle
ISBN 0-7779-2300-9, 1991, 35 pages
153Register of Births, Marriages, Deaths by John Rothwell 1839-1851
ISBN 978-0-7779-2285-9, 1980, 17 pages
154Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register  1837 – 1906
Every year Wesleyan Methodist Church ministers were provided with a ruled book in which they were required to make uniform entries of births and baptisms and send them to the Conference Office for entry into the General Register. These baptisms have been fully transcribed and indexed by volunteers of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
ISBN 978-0-7779-2057-3, United Church of Canada/Victoria Press; Ontario Genealogical Society, Oxford County Branch,2003,147 pages
155Marriages by Rev. Robert Wallace Presbyterian Ingersoll  1846 – 1857
ISBN 978-0-7779-2284-2, 197-, 14 pages
157Index – Wills of Oxford county 1805-1870
ISBN 978-0-7779-3528-6,
161Oxford Militia 1802 – 1868
Publication consists of three parts:
-Oxford Militia from 1802 – 1824
-Oxford Militia from 1822 – 1872 Chambers File
-Oxford Rifles Pay List 1865 – 1868
ISBN 978-0-7779-2287-3, 1986, 76 pages
163Guide to Cemeteries and Early Churches in Oxford County
A guide to explain the location of the cemeteries and early churches in Oxford County and the relationship between them.
ISBN 978-0-7779-2304-7, Ruth Ellis, 1991, 103 pages
164Inns and Taverns of Oxford County
ISBN 978-0-779-3529-3 Roy Johnstone. 61 pgs.
165Petworth People – The Untold Story of the Petworth Emigrants of Oxford County
A chronicle of the various families who settled in Oxford County as part of the Petworth Emigration Scheme from 1832 -1837. The extensive genealogical research that was undertaken to develop this work was done so in accordance with publically accessible resources and mediums of a scholarly nature. Index
ISBN 978-0-7779-2162-3, G.V. Godin, 2002, 68 pages
167Oxford Gazetteer 1852 – T.S. Shenston (reprint of Original)
An exact replica of the original book. Reprinted in 1968 
ISBN 978-0-7779-2288-0, Hardcover, 1968, 216 pages
168The Route to Oxford Roots – Second Edition. A Guide to Genealogical Research in Oxford County
An invaluable guide to assist you as you search in Oxford County for the records that you need to document your family’s history. This publication endeavors to give the updated resources for genealogical research in Oxford County as of 2019.
ISBN 978-1-77381-257-9 digital;
ISBN 978-1-77381-250-2 print;
2019, 268 pages