Indexes for Tweedsmuir Histories

One of the greatest resources in our Branch is a collection of Tweedsmuir History Books put together by Oxford County Branches of The Women’s Institute. These books contain an abundance of information for genealogists.

The indexes have been separated alphabetically by surname and divided into sections for North and South Oxford. Beside each name will be the branch name and the volume in which the name appears.

If you wish to know what the article is about, please contact us at [email protected] with Tweedsmuir in the subject box. Volunteers will look up the article and advise you if it is relative to your search. If it is something that you would like a copy of the normal research fees will apply. (see Services Page)

Northern Area
1: Uniondale 
2: Harrington 
3: Booksdale 
4: Anna P Lewis 
5: Tavistock 
6: Browns 
7: Lakeside 
8: Braemar 
9: Hickson 
10: Kintore 
11: Embro 
12: North Woodstock 
13: Grace Patterson – Thamesford 
14: Princess Elizabeth 
15: Plattsville 
16: Innerkip 
17: Drumbo 
18: Princeton 

The map below shows the branch areas

Tweedsmuir Branches

Southern Area
19: West Oxford 
20: East Oxford 
21: Salford 
22: Zenda 
23: Burgessville 
24: Beaconsfield 
25: Verschoyle 
26: Mount Elgin 
27: Norwich 
28: Culloden 
29: Ostrander 
30: Springford 
31: Pleasant Valley 
32: Otterville 
33: Brownsville 
34: Jean Brumpton 
35: Maple Park 
36: Cornell 
37: Rosanna 
38: Summerville 

Tweedsmuir Indexes
Click on the letter that corresponds to the surname that you are looking for and the index will appear in a new tab.
Be sure that you are in the correct region (North or South).

Northern Indexes
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Southern Indexes
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