Family Histories

Our collection of family histories, located at our Resource Centre, is extensive and growing. As researchers complete their family histories they often leave a copy for the benefit of others. Here is a partial listing of published family histories in our collection.

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AinslieRobert Morden (1978)
AllenBarbara Walters (1986)
AlmostRuth Clayton (1990)
AnkenmannWesley Jacob Ankenman (1971)
AustinGrace K (Crewe) Austin (2000)
BaechlerGlenn H Baehler (1966)
BalkwillDavid James Balkwill Stock (1998)
BatsonJoyce A Pettigrew (2003)
BearnBetty Droman (1997)
BeckerShirley Foster (2003
Beveridge (A Beveridge_McLeish Family HistoryThomas McLeish Beveridge (1992)
BoyleIan Cameron Boyd (2004)
Bransford (The Silver Queen)Judy Dykeman and Colleen Whitley (1998)
Brink (A Brink Book)Laurel Shangafelt Powell (1996)
BuchananJean Buchanan Cruikshank (1989)
BuellsIan MacPherson (1981)
CalderJohn B Calder (2004)
CameronDorothy Shamblin (1993)
CameronIan Cameron Boyd (2004)
CampbellAndrew McKerral (1953)
ChambersCarl Chambers
ChurchillG A Churchill
ClimoFrederic Climo (1972)
CohoeK W Totten (1971)
CoxHarold Cox (1999)
CrawfordRuth Ellis (1995)
CurrahGeorge Russell (2002)
CuylerAverils Holness Cuyler (1961)
DawsonG Dawson (2000)
DealJoy Deal Lehmann (1984)
DowningMarion Kilcup (1995)
DupuisJane and Costas Varkaris (1980)
EagelsDouglas Eaton Eagles (1982)
EllisW G Ellis (1987)
EmichenHerman Witthoft and Barbara Greene (2003)
FarmerGrace Goodall
Fenns and GrahamsMargaret Everts (1982)
FewsterShirley Eichenberg (1981)
Field, Douglas and Stockton
(Sweet Lands of Liberty)
William S Field (2004)
FleischhauerGenevieve Rogers (1985)
ForbesPatricia McCandless Forbes (1995)
FouldsDavid . Gibson (1983)
FullerJ David Fuller (2000)
GermanGeorge G. German
GivenJoyce B. Given (2004)
GordonElizabeth M. Gordon
GrahamC. Fred Prong (2003)
GreenlyJohn C. Stevenson (1990)
GriffenNorman E. Howard (1999)
Groves -(The Full and Interesting Life of a Deaf Man)Joyce E. Groves (2001)
HaistAlbert Louis Lundgren (1998)
HallmanJoan Hallman (1991)
Hardy – (Hardy Perennials)Mary Evans (1998)
Harrington – (It Began with John)Edward W. Harrington
HarrisMargaret Harris Stover (1990)
Hatch – (To Woodstock and Beyond)George Russell (1998)
HaycockKenneth J. Haycock (1999 & 2004)
Hayward – (Family Notes)J. Daniel Mahar (1998)
HazenRoss W. McCurdy (1989)
HewerDorothy Bowman (1980)
Howell – (My Mother’s Story)Dora Force
InnesJeanne Coulthard (2000)
InnisAuthor unknown
JarvisFlorence Pelton Patterson
KaufmannSherrill Bryan (2003)
Kenyon (My Ancestors)George G Kenyon (1995)
KenyonRobert K Kenyon
KinnearJames G Kinnear (1971)
KnightGeorge D Willits
LampmanHenry R Kelly (1997)
LamportCarl and Leslie Lamport
Leichty/Lichti/LichtyValerie Strong Agresta (1997)
LosieD’Arcy M Davidson (1963)
MacKay (From Highland Croft to Canadian Homestead, 1931 to 1936)George MacKay et al
MacKay (The Descendants of Grace and Donald MacKay to 1996)Betty F MacKay
MarshallOrville Marshall (1996)
MathesonMary Scott (1989)
MatthewsCathy Thompson and Ross W McCurdy (1998)
McArthurPatsy L McArthur (1998)
McCorquodaleJoyce McCorquodale Groves
McCurdyRoss W McCurdy (1997)
McDonaldFlorence Pelton Patterson (2001)
McKayW G Forrest (2001)
McKeeAuthor unknown
McLeishBruce McLeish (2002)
McMeekinAuthor unkown
MerklingerValerie Strong Agresta (1994)
MoultonBev Moulton (2003)
MunroGeorge Shaw (2003)
MurphySr. Gabrielle Sullivan (1974)
MurrayIan Cameron Boyd 2004)
MurrayMargaret A F Murray
NancekivellRuth E. Nancekivell (1982)
NellesR. Robert Mutrie (1993)
NeversMargaret Stockton
ParkerW.G.Forrest (1996)
ParsonWilliam Ridley Parson (1979)
PascoePatty Dahm Pascoe (2000)
PearsonGeorge Russell (1997)
PeatJane Elizabeth Cruise (1992)
PeltonFlorence Pelton Patterson (1997)
ProctorAlthea Stevely (1981)
Pruss and RodloffM. Elaine Culling (1991)
RaymondJune Raymond Gorman
ReadDonald Edwin Read (1980)
RiceShirley Eberhardt (1975)
RobsonMargaret Stockton (2002)
RoesMarion Roes (2001)
RogersClarence V. Showers (1999)
Ross (The Rosses of Embro)Paul Russell (1989)
RussellGeorge Russell (1996)
ShawIan Cameron Boyd (2004)
ShouldiceWayne Shouldice (1980)
Simpson (A Goodly Heritage)Reba R.M. Simpson
SinclairKenneth Sinclair
StevensAmy Stevens
StockHarold Thompson Stock (1979)
StocktonMargaret Stockton (1992)
ThedeJean Thede De Boer (1983)
ThorntonMuriel Moon
TizzardDorothy Huotari (2005)
TowleMuriel Moon (1972)
Van NormanSherri Pettit (1996)
WeickerSamuel Weicker (1986)
WhitfieldErnest McCallum
WiddicombeFlorence Widdicombe (1990)
WilkerDorothea Wilker (1987)
WilletGeorge D. Willits (2002)
WillitsGeorge D. Willits (1999)
Wright (Zestful Lives)Mary Jean Wright (1997)