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CD300 Anglican Cemetery, Woodstock.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3532-3
CD301 Blandford Township Cemeteries
ISBN 978-0-7779-3501-9, 2007
CD302 North Oxford Township Cemeteries.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3503-3, 2007
CD303 East Oxford Township Cemeteries.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3502-6, 2007
CD304 West Oxford Township Cemeteries.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3504-0, 2007
CD305 Innerkip Cemetery. East Zorra Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3518-7
CD306 Drumbo Cemetery. Blenheim Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3535-4
CD307 Grove Cemetery. Dereham Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3537-8
CD308 Kintore Cemeteries. East Nissouri Twp
Presbyterian and Methodist
ISBN 978-0-7779-3533-0
CD309 New Durham Cemetery. North Norwich Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3539-2
CD310 Springford Cemetery. South Norwich Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3536-1
CD311 Tavistock Cemetery. East Zorra Twp
Grace United and St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran
ISBN 978-0-7779-3538-5
CD312 Christ Church Anglican Cemetery.
Huntingford. East Zorra Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3540-8
CD313 Quaker Street Friends Cemetery. North Norwich Twp
ISBN 978-0-7779-3541-5
CD400 Index to Events in the Lives of Persons and Communities of AYR and Surrounding District.
From AYR NEWS & AYR AREA NEWSPAPERS. 1852 to March 16, 1967.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3496-8
CD401 Records for some Woodstock Funeral Homes. 1918 - 1975
ISBN 978-0-7779-3521-7
CD402 Crown Land Records for Oxford County.
Includes Townships of Burford, Oakland and East Nissouri which were part of Oxford County prior to 1850. Grouped by township and sorted by concession and lot. Also contains an alphabetical listing of the combined townships, not available in the print version. Compact Disk. Adobe Reader required
ISBN 978-0-7779-3524-8
CD403 Route to Oxford Roots - Second Edition.
A Guide To Researching in Oxford County. 268 pages of facts, links, etc.
ISBN 978-0-7779-5292-4