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The books listed below are relevant to Oxford County and are available for viewing online at other sites.
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Title Link
From Forest to City:
Woodstock's rise, growth and development, in photogravure, 1834 - 1901.

Great pictures of Woodstock and its citizens during this period.
Site: Internet Archive.
Woodstock 1834-1901
The Garden of Ontario: Woodstock and the County of Oxford.
Site: Internet Archive
Woodstock 1896
Woodstock: Way Back When
by Doug Symons
Site: University of Calgary
Way Back When
The History of the First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Ontario:
for the first seventy years, from April 22, 1822 to April 22, 1892

by R.W.Sawtell
Site: Internet Archive
First Baptist Church
A Sketch Of The History Of The Parish Of Woodstock: St. Paul's Church, Woodstock, ON
by A. Sweatman
Site: Internet Archive
St. Paul's Church
Fact and Fancy.
A history of Tavistock and Area. Published in 1967 by the Rotary Club of Tavistock
as a Centennial project.
Volunteers needed to input the last few pages.
Site: Tavistock Gazette
Fact and Fancy
Memories of St. James: 170 Years of Worship and Friendship. 1834-2004.
A history of St. James's Anglican Church, Ingersoll, ON
by Bert Meerveld
Site: Internet Archive
St. James
Pioneer Life in Zorra
by Rev. W. A. MacKay, B.A., D.D.
Site: Internet Archive
Pioneer Zorra
Our Pioneer Fathers - Their Trials and Triumphs
by Rev. W. A. MacKay, B.A., D.D.
Site: Internet Archive
Pioneer Fathers
Zorra Boys at Home and Abroad
by William Alexander Mackay
Site: Internet Archive
Zorra Boys
History of Zorra and Embro
by W.A.Ross
Site: Internet Archive
Zorra and Embro
Fifty Years of McCorquodale Picnics, 1925 - 1975
by Joyce E. Groves
Site: University of Calgary
The Townline of West Zorra and East Nissouri, 1820 - 1900:
The McCorquodales and their Neighbours,

by Joyce E. Groves
Site: University of Calgary
West Zorra, East Nissouri
Pioneer Baptist work in Oxford County.
by Zella M. Hotson
Site: University of Calgary
Pioneer Baptist work in Oxford