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I am looking for information on the death date and burial place of my great-grandfather Daniel Withrow. Daniel was born in Nova Scotia approx. 1822. His parents and siblings moved to New Brunswick before 1829. Using marriage and birth records, Daniel must have migrated to the Woodstock area with his wife, Deborah Tilton Manzer, and children in 1851. He is listed with his family in the 1851 Census as a sawyer living in Burford, Brant Co. In 1856, his wife Deborah was re-married to Nelson Hallock in Oxford Co. So, Daniel would have died between 1851 and 1856, most likely in Brant or Oxford counties. Checking cemetery listings online throughout Oxford and Brant counties, I have found no listing for Daniel.
Daniel's parents, John Withrow and Sarah Wier Withrow, and most of Daniel's siblings also came to the area. John and Sarah Withrow are buried in the Sweaburg Union Cemetery. Other members of the family are buried in the Woodstock Baptist Cemetery. Does anyone know anything about the death and burial of Daniel Withrow before 1856?

Contact: Jack Withrow, jackdwithrow@comcast.net
Feb 2015


My great-great grandparents were William MacDonald (b.1822 in Scotland) and Esther Fuller. Esther was born around 1832 and is listed in the 1851 Census in the family of Nicholas and Abigail Fuller in Woodstock. I don't know how William MacDonald reached the Woodstock area or who his parents were, and that is especially interesting to me. William and Esther apparently married in the early 1850's and had their first child, Abigail, in 1854. From the 1861 census onward they resided in Kinloss, Bruce, ON with their children.

I also would appreciate any information on Nicholas Fuller, who was born around 1805.

Contact: Lee McDonald at leejmcdonald@outlook.com
Dec 2014


My ancestors in Zorra came from Sutherlandshire likely with Angus McKay in the 1830's at the time of the Highland Clearances. The McDonalds, McKays and the Sutherlands may have been on the same boat.

Thomas McKay married Janet Sutherland. A son of John and William McDonald married Ann Sutherland. I am trying to determine which Sutherlands I am connected to. John S (father of Janet) is buried in the Old Log Church Cemetery. My father William Sutherland McDonald was brought up on Lot 22, Conc 7 and his grandfather William was on Lot 13, Conc 10.

I would be pleased to receive any information.

Contact: Helen Macdonald - helenmacd@sympatico.ca
Nov 2014


I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Benjamin Howell who had Royalist Roots in the US, was born in New Jersey and was of Scotch/Welsh descent and typically a Methodist. His wife Susan Bollard/Bolland (probably German) who was from either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Family recollection is that they had a farm in Drumbo.

Their one son was George Edward Howell and he went to the US sometime in his late teens or early 20's. There was supposed to be another son, but I don't know who he is and without information on Benjamin and Susan I can't find him. One family tree indicated that William Howes was the son of Benjamin and Susan, but there are inconsistencies in the information and so that can't be confirmed. I have three tintypes from back then, but no idea who is in them.

If you have any information please contact me.
Contact: Mary Damer - redyarrow@gmail.com
Aug 2014


My ancestors, "Calders" settled in Oxford county in 1830. They attended Kintore Presbyterian Church on Kintore Side Rd. at the 11th con. in Oxford County. I have been trying to locate the church records. From what I have read in 1925 Kintore Presbyterian Church and a Methodist church joined and became Chalmers United Church in Kintore. I have contacted Chalmers U.C. and was informed they do not have the records for Kintore P.C. I have contacted the Presbyterian and United Church National Archives offices and have been informed they do not have the records. I have also contacted Knox Presbyterian Church in Woodstock. They do not have the records. I am still trying to contact Knox Presbyterian in Embro. I'm hoping to locate the church records for the Kintore P.C. for the 1830's or possibly be pointed to another source.
Contact: Jeanette Kowal - jkowal55@yahoo.ca
May 2014


I am looking for information regarding my g-grandparents, Sarah Keith and Andrew Arthur. Sarah was the daughter of Charles Keith and Elizabeth Wallace. According to the 1910 Census, Sarah emigrated from Scotland in 1855 and settled in Oxford County. The 1871 Census has her in Huron County. Andrew Arthur was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. The information in our family bible states that they were married in Ingersoll on December 25, 1855. There is a bio in the Huron County Historical Atlas that says Sarah and Andrew eloped. Any information would be appreciated.
Contact: Jayne Arthur-Foster - jfoster40@cogeco.ca
July 2013


I am researching the Calvin G. Hill family. Son of William B. Hill. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information about this family.
Contact: Shelley Havelange - shavelange@hotmail.ca
July 2013


Francis G. Harcourt (Frank) - born 16 April 1895 in Dorset, England and moved to Ontario, Canada sometime after April 1911. He joined The Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on Nov 10, 1915. His address at that time was Foldens Corners, Oxford County. Frank returned to England and married my great aunt, Elsie Pratt in 1918 at Lewes, East Sussex. They had a son, Francis James Harcourt (James)in 1919, born in Lewes, East Sussex. Elsie died in Woodstock in 1936, their addresss at that time was 197 Givens St. Woodstock. James joined the Canadian Army and went to England during WWII and married Ann Lillian Dye in Norwich in 1941 but died in Italy November 14, 1944. His address at that time was given as 108 Finkle Street, Woodstock. If anyone has any information of Frank, Elsie or James, I would be very grateful.
Contact: Alison Court - Alison_court@hotmail.com
July 2013


I would like to correspond with anyone with Thornton genealogies or anyone who is working on the Thornton surname.
I am particularly interested in the following people:
Jeptha Thornton, b.ca.1805-1808 in New York state, resided in Ontario by 1828, married Mariah Lacey.
His son John L. Thornton, b. Aug 1828 in Ontario.
I need names and data on other children. Possibly Mary Thornton, b. 4 Oct 1836, married Charles Ayers. Lucy Thornton, b. 30 May 1832, married Nathan Huntley.
Contact: Mary Lou Drew, 4824 Waterman Rd., Vassar, Michigan, USA, 48768
Apr. 2013


Mary (1857-1938) daughter of George & Jane (Pepper) Gillan married Thomas Hugo (1856c-1915-6). 1911 they lived at 646 Francis St., Woodstock. Their children are believed to be: Edward (1884c-?), Delbert (1886c-1938), Alice Maud (1887-1887), Norah (1888c-1893) & Thomas (1889-1889). Edward & his wife, Leatta Boxell moved to Manitoba then Saskatchewan. Thomas Sr., Delbert & Maud are buried in Beachville Cemetery. I would like the full date for Mary's death as well as their marriage date. I would also be interested in corresponding with others searching the same families.
Contact: Elaine Culling - lculling@sympatico.ca
Feb. 2012


George Gillan (son of Sarah &?) married Jane Pepper, daughter of George. George was born 1826c, Ireland & died May 26, 1896, MI. Jane was born Feb 02 1831, ON. She died Feb 13, 1917, Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI. It is believed they had 11 children as follows: Samuel, Mary, Lucinda, Martha, Jane (I), Sarah, Margaret, Jane/Jennie, Elizabeth, Alice & Emma. 1861 they were in Glanford Tp., Wentworth Co. & 1861-1881 some were still in S. Norwich Tp., Oxford Co. At various times it appears most of their family including George & Jane left for Michigan. Mary & her husband Thomas Hugo (Woodstock area); Lucinda & husband John Stinchcombe (London area) as well as Margaret & husband George Truckle (Tillsonburg area) all remained in Ontario. I would like to locate the marriage for George & Jane, likely about 1852. I am also interested in locating Jane's ancestors.
Contact: Elaine Culling - lculling@sympatico.ca
Feb. 2012


Alanson Clark (English) was born Mar. 05, 1799 in NY State and died Jan 10, 1878. His wife, Hannah Thomas was born Dec 29 1802 in New Hampshire, USA and died Sep 03 1872. Both died in Blenheim Twp., Oxford Co. and are buried in Riverside Cemetery. The family was 1st. in Erin Twp., Wellington Co. and by 1851 had moved to Blenheim Twp., Oxford Co. They had three known children: Frances Almira Clark who married Henry Daniels; Elizabeth Jane Clark who married David Southwick and Joseph Henry Clark who married Marion Ferguson McCrae. It is unknown if siblings of either Alanson or Hannah came as well. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who can connect to that generation or can supply marriage information for them.
Contact: Elaine Culling - lculling@sympatico.ca
Feb. 2012


James Tanner was born 1811-8c, Eng. and it is believed he died in Oct 15 1894 in Isabella Co., MI. He married Sarah Sumler 1836, Brantford, ON. I have traced most of their ?13 children. It appears the majority of the family had gone to Michigan at some time. By 1871 the remaining members had left Brantford & were in Norwich, Oxford Co. A son George Richard married & lived there a short time. Another son, James II, married a 3rd time & moved to Norwich & died there. I have a 'Tanner' album (pos. 1863c) with mostly unidentified photos from many places such as Brantford, Norwich, Aylmer, Guelph, Forest, Rockford IL, AU, & Isle of Man. I have a lot of family info. but am unable to find the 'roots' for James, connections to most of the photos & if he has siblings & if there was a reason that drew some of the family to the Norwich area. There appear to be lots of Tanners but no connections or clues.
Contact: Elaine Culling - lculling@sympatico.ca
Feb. 2012


My grandfather, Thomas Robinson Stuart b.1874, lived in Tillsonburg, Ontario until he went to Philadelphia, PA for his university education and remained in the States for his career. His father, John Aaron Stuart, b.1837 m. 1860 Sarah Cameron. They are buried in Tillsonburg so I assume they spent their lives there. Sarah was b.1838, in Chatham.
This is my brickwall: John Aaron Stuart's father was Samuel Stuart, b.1812 in Quebec, married someone with the maiden name of Robinson-----I cannot find his parents or anything more on his wife. I believe he petitioned for land in West Nissouri in 1832, Concession 3, Lot 33, freehold.

The family story is the Stuarts came from Scotland in the 1700s and settled in Jamestown, VA area until the American Revolution. Being loyal to the king they emigrated to Canada.

I would appreciate any information you may have and will be happy to share with you.
Contact: Patricia Stuart Johnson patjohn@rajput-usa.com
Jan. 2012


John Wesley Bastinheimer born 1807, Ancaster Twp / Blenheim Twp
Married Elizabeth Case born abt. 1822. They were probably maried 1840 +/- 2 yrs.
Elizabeth Case is listed as John's wife in the 1851 census and they had 2 sons.
John Wesley Bawstinheimer remarried on December 13, 1853 in Oxford County to Jane Innis (Burgess, Guggisberg)

Spelling variations for Bawtinheimer that I have encountered to date:
B'Heimer, Bawtenheimer, Bawtenkencer, Bantinhimes, Bawhuhamen, Boughtenkencer, Bawtrickitrust, Bawtenturner
Contact: Paula Elliott - dickie_lake@hotmail.com
Dec. 2011


My name is Rod Blaker and I live in Ottawa. I am doing a One Name Study on the name of Blaker, everywhere in the world. If you happen to have run across a Blaker here or there it would be a singular kindness to let me know the details and I thank you in advance. If I in turn can be of any help providing you with information as to the various branches of the Blaker people, I would be very pleased to do so.
Contact: Rod Blaker.- rod.blaker@gmail.com
Sept. 2010


Christina Stewart Atkinson Young, North Oxford, Thamesford, died April 23, 1879. Relic of Robert Young. I would like to have a look-up done in "The Presbyterian Witness" for 1879.
Contact: Walter Young. - cherrynutfarms@sbcglobal.net
July 2010


Hugh Kennedy & Mary (Dixon) Kennedy emigrated from the Northern part of Northumberland England to Richmond Hill, Markham Township, York County about 1820. In the early 1830's, they moved to Ingersoll, Oxford County for approximately 10 years before moving on to Ilderton and Birr area, London Township, Middlesex County about 1844 purchasing a farm there by 1852 (lot 20, con 12). Hugh & Mary Kennedy had 10 children; 5 born in Markham and 5 born in Ingersoll. A few of the older children married the surnames Snelgrove and Schofield and remained living in Ingersoll. Charles moved back from Birr and had his Dental practice on King St. in Ingersoll. Betsey lived with her older sister in the Schofield home in Ingersoll. Maria moved back to Ingersoll from Birr and became a dress maker.

Husband: Hugh Kennedy b. 1791 Eng d. 1864 Birr, ON
Wife: Mary Dixon b. 1793 Eng d. 1870 Birr, ON
Marriage: March, 1820 Markham, ON
Elizabeth Jane 1821-1893 (married Henry Schofield. Lived in Ingersoll)
John 1823-1903 [1st. married Caroline Mary Parkhurst (Ingersoll) then Rebecca Rowe (Birr). Live in Birr area]
Mary 1828-1909 (married William Rowe. Lived in Birr area)
Haliburton 1832-1909 (married Elizabeth Jackson. Lived in Birr area)
Frances Maria Whilimina 1833-1898 (married Abraham Snelgrove. Lived in Ingersoll)
Hugh Jr. 1835-1889 (married Agnes Wilson and move to Ailsa Craig / Dentist)
Betsey 1837-1857 (Died age 20. Lived with Schofield family in Ingersoll)
Charlotte 1839-1914 (1st marriage. Fowler, 2nd. Hugh McDearmid, 3rd. Thomas B. Uren) (Lived mostly in London)
Charles 1830-1903 (Dentist married Lorain Inglesby. Lived in Ingersoll)
Maria 1844-1871 (died age 27 Ingersoll)
Contact: Dan Kennedy - kennedymiddlesexresearch@gmail.com
Feb. 2010


I am looking for information on:
1: Edwin Underwood b.~1826 and his wife Mary Case b.~1830 in the U.S., possibly New York.
2: William Gillespie b.~1819 in Sutherlandshire, Scotland and his wife, Elisabeth Thompson born in Scotland. I believe that they migrated in 1846 with the rest of William's family.
3: Joseph Matheson/Mathewson b.~1808 in Scotland and his wife Margaret ----? b.~1805 in England.
These people are connected to the Woodrow family of Oxford County.
Contact: Rev. Janni Belgum, who is doing research for Lorne Woodrow of Calgary, AB, a descendant of these people. - jbelgum@cablelan.net
Feb. 2010